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Lamps with other minerals (1)

Himalaya salt lamps crude (2)

Himalaya salt lamps with wooden pedestal miniature to 1,5 kg (4)

Himalaya salt lamps with wooden pedestal (1)

Salt lamp slate pedestal (Himalaya salt) (4)

Himalaya salt lamps "smooth" wooden pedestal (2)

Salt lamp "flame" wooden pedestal (Himalaya salt) (1)

Salt lamps himalayan carved - "zodiac sign" (3)

Salt lamps Himalaya - sculpture (4)

Salt lamps "crude" (Polish white salt) (4)

Salt lamps "crude" (Polish salt colour) (9)

Salt lamps wooden pedestal (Polish salt -colored) (7)

Salt lamps wooden pedestal (Polish salt -white) (4)

Salt lamps slate pedestal (Polish colored salt) (8)

Salt lamps slate pedestal (Polish salt white) (5)

Salt lamps "smooth" (Polish salt) (5)

Salt lamps "smooth" wooden pedestal (Polish salt) (4)

Salt lamps "FLAME" (polish salt) (4)

Salt lamp SCULPTURE (7)

Salt lamps "crude" - Sieroszowice salt white. (2)

Salt lamps wooden pedestal (Polish salt, Sieroszowice mine -white) (3)

Salt lamps slate pedestal (Sieroszowice salt white) (1)

Salt lamps Ukrainian salt wooden pedestal (4)

Salt lamps "wicker basket" (type LKW) (3)

Salt lamps unique on rock salt pedestal - various (5)

Salt lamps mini, USB (1)

Salt crystals for decoration and bath - colourless (Halit). (7)

Decorative and bath salts - white (ukrainian or sieroszowicka) (3)

Salt tea-light WILD (3)


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Lamps with other minerals

Found: 1

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Lamp with selenite on the slate pedestal small (SLA-SEL-02-00) 200,00 zł
Weight: 4.00 - 4.60 kg, Height: 22.00 - 23.50 cm
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