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Real people talking about their experiences....

I am currently in the possession of a salt lamp and a candleholder and I think that this is not my last purchase because I need at least one more, I'm just wondering what size, because I saw some small lamps and in comparison my 10 kg lamp is fantastic. The rock of salt alone without being lit makes an impression (even on my husband and that's pretty hard to do) so what an effect it makes when you light it. Salt lamps give great pleasure to people in my family, and not only for people but for out pets also. Especially my prairie dog is amazed by it and embracing the lamp in his paws, he licks it with great pleasure with its tiny little tongue. He's not the only one who got the idea, my two parrots who are famous for impersonating or rather parroting everyone also try to peck away a piece of the lamp. I think that producing your lamps you didn't think that they could be such a tasty treat. I'm just wondering how long will the lamp last?
    I hope that you don't stop your production because my entire gang would be inconsolable.

Ela, Lukow

I am an owner of two salt candleholders. To put it simply - they are a phenomenon. They really make quite an impression in the evenings with all the other light turned off. I can't wait for my LOVE to return from his business trip - once he sees these miracles he's sure to feel their magic and...

Magda, Poznan

The lamp is unbelievable; you have to own one to say the same thing. When it's not lit, it looks like a rough and natural piece of rock but once you light it, it really makes an impression. I bought it for its healing attributes for my 5-year-old little son and together we picked it from the pictures on the Internet. The joy of the "little one" was unbelievable when we opened the package with the lamp and the candleholder, because before we were able to dig our way down to it, it took us some time - it was that well wrapped and packaged. It was like hunting for treasure and a TREASURE in the shape of a beautiful salt crystal we found. Thank you very much and WE RECOMMEND IT HIGHLY!!!

Marzena, Zabrze

The lamp is simply super! You light it in your room and have a feeling as if you were sitting with your beloved girl in some sort of grotto, in half darkness veiled in a gentle red fog and what can happen next... that's all up to your imagination... :-)

Mateusz, Gdynia

Words of great admiration and a warm thank you. The candleholder is beautiful, adds charm to each room and with the lit candle inside it is a remarkable phenomenon, and fantastically influences one's well being. I most heartily recommend this purchase since it is an attractive and valuable item for so little. Cnce again thank you for a fully satisfying transaction.

Katarzyna, Warszawa

This is the third time already that I bought a salt lamp. You probably think that I'm nuts? Ha ha, and you're right - one lamp is OK but when there's three of them then you really have some atmosphere - you have to try it - because it's not possible to describe the feeling. Once you light this lamp you will not want to turn it off - it is lit non-stop in my room. Yet when all three are lit, you have to see for yourselves! My best regards and I encourage everyone who is still undecided - I encourage anyone I can :)

Marcin, Warszawa

I purchased two great candleholders for Christmas presents for my family. Already after a moment from receiving the package I conducted a test - in both these miracles a tiny flame of the candles flickered joyfully bringing to life with its light the entire room. The effect cannot be described in words. Yet, the lamp made the biggest impression on my kitten, who from a safe distance but still very carefully watched it the entire time until the candles burned out, it watched the entire aura coming out of it. Too bad that in a couple of days I will be placing them under the X-mas tree. Time to think about something for myself, I think. Maybe this time also a salty lamp?....

Jurek, Jelenia Gora

I bought a most beautiful lamp in a shape of ball. It looks like a mysterious orange planet. It has a little bit from the shape of the Moon, brilliance of the Sun and the color of Mars. It brings about in a person a longing for the endlessness of the universe in which one can get lost absorbing its beauty and space. It awakens magic, spilling it beautifully about in a warm light. It offers an unimaginable real feeling that here a person has found himself in a completely different world, in another dimension, in a distance.... This lamp is beauty enchanted by a spell in tiny crystals of salt.

Gosia, Krakow

The lamp is so wonderful that it's hard to describe in words. It gives off a cozy warm light, the air in the room smells sweetly, and a person feels so much better. Aside from that, it creates a fantastic atmosphere - I wish such beautiful and exciting moments for everyone as I have spent with my loved one by this unique and at the same time "healing" lamp :)

Kasia, Katowice

7 shining kilograms of salt are worth more than can be described, and definitely more than I paid for them. For the Seller a great many thanks. This lamp is magical. I wish for everyone to taste its magic.

Gosia, Koscierzyna

"I was at work when the mailman came. My wife, with a certain dose of shyness opened the carefully wrapped package. When she opened it, what appeared before her eyes was some kind of a rock with an opening. At first, she thought that it was some sort of a stone. However, a woman's curiosity took over. She liked it. SALT! But what for? It won't do any good in the kitchen: too big a piece....I don't have a pot that large... There is also some sort of a candle, useless, for a woman it's too short....;-). She called me. I told her that it's a salt candleholder. Now it is displayed in the most visible place because it really is worth it. The monitor "works" all the time to make up for the lack of electro-smog in the house. I send my best regards to all the people who own similar miraculous cuties and I recommend it to everyone.

Tomek, Olsztyn

I already bought a second lamp. I thought that one would be enough but the family decided otherwise and took my previous one ;). I recommend the salt lamps most sincerely - after opening the package, they don't look that great but once you turn them on they make an impression on everyone and create a remarkable "climate".

Marek, Warszawa

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